The Overland Co. has established in 2022 by the founders of Gods & Rovers.

land rover defender camping

Life on Wheels

In fact, the whole story begins 65 years ago. My grandfather, who was born and raised in a small town in Anatolia and later immigrated to the West, is establishing our textile weaving family company, which is still active. As 3rd generation grandchildren, we set out to combine this heritage with technology and develop it.

We decided to establish The Overland Co. to make the camping and overland life we ​​have been in for a long time both easier and to add value. In fact, this was a spontaneous process rather than a decision taken.
It was time to add a new gear collection to this adventure that we started with Gods & Rovers, which we established in 2020. It was going to be robust, durable and meticulously handcrafted. This is where The Overland Co. was born.

The journey we started with our first 4x4 vehicle, the Defender 110, continues with the second and current Defender 110 hi-cap.

As the founder of this company and part of the team, I promise you that protecting the nature in our production is our top priority. We don't mess with nature.

Enjoy the adventure,

The Overland Co.