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FREEDOM Velcro Patch

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FREEDOM a Velcro patch for our Overland Co products. Use on our wheel covers, duffle bags or molle pouches.

  • Washable and durable
  • Cotton / polyester
  • Patch measures 12cm / 4.7inches in width

Made for All-Terrain

Ever since I set out, it's like nature is greener and the sky is bluer. The buzzing in my ear has decreased, my awareness has increased. I can hear the ants walking, the wind whispering, the waves dancing. I am in the only place where I find my self, I am in nature, I am happy.

  • TOC Strong

    Our super strong outfitters are made for both hardcore adventurers and those who enjoy weekend getaways.

  • TOC Promise

    We guarantee that everything we make at The Overland Co. is made for longevity and to fulfill your needs.